Tampo-Technik Lück


The company Tampo-Technik GmbH was founded in 1980 by Heinz-Dieter Lück. Today the company is managed in the second generation by Jens-Peter and Andreas Lück.

Tampo-Technik Lück specialized in the production and sale of printing pads. In 1992 Lück Tampon® was registered as a trademark. A production depth of 100 percent and a high proportion of filigree manual work guarantee an excellent quality of the printing pads from Lück. This quality is decisive for the optimal printing and the long durability of the printing pad.
The combination of know-how and progress provides again and again for an extension of the portfolio. A high degree of delivery reliability is a matter of course for Tampo-Technik Lück.

Already for more than 30 years Tampo Technik GmbH has faced small and great problems of its customers from manifold ranges of application. Each task can always be solved to the customer’s satisfaction. The vast experience in terms of dimensioning and quality of the printing pad makes it possible to find individual solutions concerning its application in many special ranges.

Products with pad printing are meanwhile a part of our everyday life, whether in the electrical industry, in the toy sector, in the packing range or the area of automobile accessories. The high adaptability of the Lück Tampon® makes it possible to print on each product shape. Due to the high production competence, the company became one of the leading printing pad producers in Germany.
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