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Printing pad services


The company Tampo-Technik GmbH offers an expert service and an absolute reliability. The company assists its customers as an experienced partner from the idea to the finished printing. Thus individual solutions for each problem and each application range are created.

Tampo-Technik offers a sample service to convince its customers of the quality of its products. Test runs with each sample on own machines in the operational environment are possible. The customer can directly see which quality product from the manifold product range of Tampo-Technik is most appropriate for his requirements.
The customer proximity together with the delivery reliability is the basis for the success of Tampo-Technik Lück. Therefore the production with a production depth of 100 percent takes consistently place on the site Kierspe.

At Tampo-Technik GmbH the customer with his personal wishes and requirements comes to the fore. All performances are adjusted to the respective requirements of all sectors to create tailored products.